The Power of the Hack

life_hacks-factainmentTakeaway: The “Hack,” refers to innovation. A more efficient way of accomplishing any task. We need hacks. They protect our time and save us money.

I remember when the word “Hack,” was a bad thing. It referred to an imposter, someone passing themselves off as proficient when they weren’t. It’s interesting to watch as a word changes meaning as a newer generation adapts it. As I write this, the word “hack” is still listed in most dictionaries (including Wikipedia) as negative. If you put “life hacks” into the YouTube search window, you can see hundreds of videos showing lots of innovative ways to do things.

YouTube is a step ahead. No surprise there. Video is another adaptation for sharing information and is preferred by people today. Video is mobile friendly and easily shared. A topic shared on video has a greater chance of being watched than are written posts online being read.

Studies by Userv and other organizations found that consumers are 39 percent more likely to share content if it’s delivered via video, and 36 percent more likely to comment and 56 percent more likely to give that video a coveted “like.” This makes video a great information hack.


Hacks of Today

The modern idea of a “hack” is a powerful concept. What is the most innovative, efficient way to accomplish a task? The pace of change is faster than ever before. Smart business owners embrace change and make it work for them by adapting to new technologies and ideas. We see change on the horizon or anticipate a need and adapt.  

That is how Nektar Data was created. Wilco Contractors needed a better way to manage our construction equipment, assets, and people. The business. The old way of tracking equipment utilization was too cumbersome and ineffective. They needed a better way, so they created one.


Embrace Technology

Let technology do the heavy lifting regarding data collection and use.

When it comes to collecting raw data efficiently and translating it into useful information, you can’t beat mobile devices and cloud storage. When it comes to gathering information such as:


Paper holds us back. Information on paper forms must be transitioned to electronic formats, such as Excel, before analysis can begin. Where paper holds us back, mobile devices propel us forward. From recording the data to translating it into actionable information we can access with the push of a button; tablets and smartphone beat paper. (They also beat rocks and scissors.)

Mobile devices also allow us to take a picture and shoot video. An image or video can be the best way to capture needed evidence or information.

Our business world is getting more and more complicated as change happens at a faster rate than ever. Did you know: 

  • In 2014 there were 300,000 utility patents granted?
  • New technologies predicted soon to go mainstream include smart homes, smart glasses, and robots?
  • With mobile data, 5G mobile networks are not far in our future. Verizon and AT&T are expected to start rolling out 5G networks as early as 2018 in the US?
  • Thanks to contextual technology (Siri, Google Now, Cortana, etc), we’re getting a lot better at drawing up software that can predict and react like a real person can?
  • A new product called graphene may bring on the next industrial revolution. It’s 100 times stronger than steel and has limitless potential applications?


Ride the Wave of Change

Bruce Lee stated, “To change with change is the changeless state.” We all seem to have those friends and relatives that resist change. The only reason they don’t still own a rotary phone is they can’t find one. These individuals are referred to as “laggers.”  

At the opposite end of the spectrum, you have the “early adopters.” These are the people that stand in line to get the new iPhone. Most of us fall somewhere in the middle. We want to know the technology is sound before we buy into it.

Technology is meant to improve life, not frustrate us, although frustration and technology seem to go hand in hand. The fact remains, sound technology moves us forward and gives us an edge. Most of us would not dream of giving up our smartphones or even leave the house without it.

We need to look for hacks. Anything that can give us an edge in an ever-changing world is worth checking out. Technology will either move us forward or leave us behind. Our choice.

  • A car is better than a horse and buggy
  • A plane is better than a car
  • The phone is better than the telegraph machine
  • A washing machine is better than a washboard

Change is coming, and it will lead to more change at a faster pace. We suggest embracing it. Look for the hack.  Look for innovation. If it does not exist, create it. We did.

Check out how Nektar Data is helping its customers move their businesses forward.

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