When it comes to asset management and mobile data collection, no two industries and companies are alike. Because one size doesn’t fit all, our Data management platform 100 percent customized to fit your needs.  Pricing is based on a detailed analysis of your individual needs, such as:

  • Type and number of assets in the system.
  • In depth analysis of your data collection requirements.
  • Types of modules being used.
  • Complexity and quantity of reports needed (based on the data feeds and amount collected).
  • Number of users, and your specific training needs.

Once we’ve agreed on the necessary parameters, we’ll quote a price that clearly lays out initial start-up costs and annual maintenance fees.


We’re happy to discuss how Nektar Data can solve your unique asset-management challenges. Fill out the form below to book your no obligation needs assessment call.



mobile data collection

Mobile Data Collection

Say goodbye to paper forms.

asset tracking

Asset tracking

Instant visibility to your data.

offline mode

Offline Mode

No Wi-Fi or signal? No problem.



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