Asset Management That Means Business

Say goodbye to cumbersome paper-based processes. With Nektar Data, asset management and mobile data collection is easy. By harnessing the power of real-time business intelligence, you’ll gain complete insight into self-performed or third-party inspections, work processes for field assets, and other tasks, including:

lifecycle and asset management
  • Tail-board Meetings
  • FLHA’s
  • Maintenance Activities
  • Payroll Collection
  • Project Management
  • Contractor Inspection

Total Visibility & Transparency

With a fully customizable mobile app for data collection, data matrix tags (asset tagging), and a cloud-based web interface, you’ll always know what’s happening—from the field to the office. That means lower costs, tighter operations, and less repeat work. With Nektar Data, you’ll lock down a new level of efficiency, accountability, and visibility.


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