Real-Time, Mobile Business Intelligence

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With a robust software utilizing data matrix tags (asset tagging), a mobile app for data collection, and a cloud-based web interface—all customized to your company’s unique needs—Nektar Data eliminates the need for time-consuming, paper-based processes:

  • Track equipment rentals, including check-in and check-out (with photos), to identify damage or services required
  • Identify damage to assets by recalling the last instance of the check-out
  • Take stock of where your equipment is and what’s available for rent
  • Access all maintenance records of an asset while working in the rental fleet
  • Share all tasks and data recorded if the asset moves from the rental fleet to the used equipment inventory
  • Track man-hours and the location of employees in the field

Stop Chasing That Paper Trail

Nektar Data cuts out time-wasting manual tasks and increases visibility into your assets and operations. With the power of real-time, mobile business intelligence, heavy equipment rental companies keep assets healthy, reduce costs, and boost profits.


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