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Ensure Health, Maintenance & Integrity Of Assets

If you rely on antiquated, paper-based methods, or are stuck in legacy hard-to-use GIS systems, Nektar can provide simple to use, intuitive data management and mapping interfaces in a mobile and cloud hosted environment.

No maps to pre-populate combined with incredibly flexible asset definition and inspection processes.

Utilizing a fully customizable cloud-based web interface and a mobile app for data collection, municipalities get a handle on asset inspections with location based results, work order timelines and field activities, including:

Histree data management and mapping interface
  • Integrate with existing GIS
  • Tree inspections and assessments
  • Urban tree inventory
  • Disease and treatment management
  • Park and street sign inventory
  • Parks and urban street furniture inventory
  • Playground inspections and repairs
  • Lighting and kiosk inventory

Municipal Intelligence At Your Fingertips

With the muscle of real-time, mobile business intelligence, municipalities achieve an unrivaled level of efficiency and accountability. You’ll always know what’s happening in the field—as it happens. That means managing contractors with ease, keeping budgets in check, and ensuring the health and safety of municipal assets.


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