Fleet Mangement

Real Time Fleet Intelligence

truck mobile data management

Nektar provides a level of visibility and operational efficiency that’s second to none. How do we do it?

We put the power of fleet management into a real-time world involving drivers, fleet maintenance supervisors and service managers. With vital information at your fingertips, the details never get away from you:

  • Perform all pre and post trip inspections electronically on mobile device.
  • Gain immediate visibility into fleet condition and daily issues with units.
  • Confirm immediate visibility into the whereabouts of drivers on the road with all recorded inspections providing GPS location, and time-stamps.
  • Engage into auto-generated work order management directly from driver inspections.
  • Create a full life cycle audit of all inspection and repair cycles.

The Power Of Real-Time Business Intelligence

Nektar increases visibility into your assets and operations, and eliminates time-consuming manual tracking of typical trucker ‘cry sheets’. Harness the power of real-time, business intelligence, boost accountability, profitability, and efficiency.


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