The Nektar Data platform offers many features which are designed specifically to benefit the amusement parks industry. Contact us to discuss further options or customization.

mobile data collection

Mobile Data Collection

Use the Nektar mobile data collection solution with familiar iOS and Android smartphone interfaces to collect all your ride safety data and manage all your assets. Manipulate, interface and leverage your data in both secure web browser and Nektar mobile apps.

Input, maintain and update all your asset attributes with simple and familiar mobile device functionality, and integrate data back to your accounting or operations management systems, without having to work in cumbersome paper-based data collection interfaces. Use Nektar intuitive menus and datasets configured for your operations to capture and record any descriptive attributes that may be required.

asset tracking

Asset Tracking

The Nektar mobile data collection solution is based on the concept of permanent and archived browser and mobile app accessible cloud asset data.

Using the concept of an asset as a person, place or thing, Nektar focuses on building a single point or archive of asset identity and historical data. Use Nektar to manage your ride inspections, truck fleet, employee payroll, service, parts, project activities and full safety documentation and management.

Use the simple Nektar mobile menu interface to record all your pre-shift, service, maintenance, work order and inspection data for each any every asset. Your asset can be physically tagged for easy scan data access or selected from native device GIS map interface. Capture on-site data and transfer in real time to secure web-hosted servers, accessible from any web browser in real time.

Experience complete traceability, life cycle and chain of custody processes for all your assets.

offline mode

Offline Mode

No Wi-Fi or Signal? No worries. Use Nektar mobile app in Offline Mode to capture or input new assets or record events on existing assets (if tagged). The Nektar app lets you know when you can sync your full data collection when a Wi-Fi or cell signal is close by.

customized solutions

Customized Solution

Use the Nektar data management platform to eliminate any paper based data collection and accountability processes that you are currently using. Deploy to third party contractors and internal staff a complete functional data collection interface that includes pick lists, text entry, check boxes, images, sketch, signature, numeric only and date or time data elements.

Work with the Nektar solution engineers to assist you to fully configure the Nektar data management ecosystem to completely revamp your day to day field operations. The Nektar team works with you to fully implement and maintain your data management ecosystem.

secure cloud storage

Secure Cloud Storage

Engage with and fully deploy the Nektar solution in record time in our cloud environment. No installs or IT approvals. There is no desktop or server version install, scaling or licensing. Your entire data interface is via a secure web browser or Nektar mobile application. Your data is stored in Best-In-Class Enterprise Data Centers managed 24/7/365.


APIs – Nektar Data and Your Back End Systems

Use the Nektar API functionality to populate the Nektar database with your assets complete with attributes directly from your accounting or project management system. As well transfer your ongoing collected data from the Nektar database back into your systems.

Using the incredibly simple Nektar interfaces for data collection combined with the ability to integrate your Nektar data with your existing systems, find new powers and usability in your asset data. Nektar gives you the field data collection flexibility that you have been looking for but couldn’t find in your existing systems.

Utilize mature experienced Nektar staff for data integration customization solutions.


KPIs – Reporting – Dash Boards

Access your information when you need it. Using a secure Nektar browser interface, fully leverage customizable reporting and dashboard functionality, to make better, more informed decisions. Create run and monitor key performance indicators (KPIs) either in real-time in a dashboard widget or run reports for executive presentation and meeting criteria.

The reporting feature in Nektar allows you to build and generate custom reports specific to individual requirement or projects. Use the reporting tool to track and engage with your field operations.

Display your data in charts, graphs or any layout format you need in runtime reports. Use dashboard widgets to obtain real-time decision support information as it happens. View all reports and dashboard widgets in both mobile and web interfaces. Securely share Nektar reports and dashboard information with third party clients when required.

permissions module


All your Nektar assets reside in a single database. Using asset ‘projects’ as a defining method for groups of assets, you decide who gets access to your data. A rich permission module allows users to see exactly what they need to record, and only the assets available to them. The permissions as set follow to all asset interfaces of the Nektar product and are very granular in nature and logic.

document management

Asset Documents and Web Links

Take all your asset documents and migrate them to the cloud for immediate field accessibility when in the Nektar mobile and web browser interfaces. Nektar has partnered with Egnyte, an enterprise document management solution, to provide you with best in class cloud document storage, access and functionality for your assets.

Using the robust Nektar management interface, map all your assets to cloud asset folders giving instant mobile access to service and repair invoices, filter lists, registrations and insurance, CVIP info and service and maintenance manuals etc. for each and every asset you have.

Create and deploy valuable web links for your assets. In the Nektar interface create web links to external websites, YouTube videos, OEM websites etc., for training videos, repair and maintenance methods or any other pertinent information that may be required for your individual assets.