Corporate Philosophy & Background

Every industry and company faces unique challenges around mobile data collection and asset tracking. That’s why we provide a customized solution that aligns with your specific processes and industry requirements. So you reach your business and operational targets every time.

We believe that asset management should be paperless, efficient, and simple.

We’ve made it our mission to deliver intuitive and secure asset-management solutions—so you save time, money, and hassle. Because managing assets and related tasks within any industry should be easy. With Nektar Data, total asset transparency, accountability, and operational efficiency is all within your reach.


We’re happy to discuss how Nektar Data can solve your unique asset-management challenges. Fill out the form below to book your no obligation needs assessment call.



mobile data collection

Mobile Data Collection

Say goodbye to paper forms.

asset tracking

Asset tracking

Instant visibility to your data.

offline mode

Offline Mode

No Wi-Fi or signal? No problem.



The information you need—when you need it.