About Us

Nektar Data Inc. was founded after several years of development, testing and implementation within leading edge ‘arms length’ organizations. Our founding sales, development and support team is made up entirely of individuals who have all been employed in or managed operations in the equipment industry. We are a technology company that has evolved from solving data collection challenges within internal company operations for over 10 years to now establishing ourselves as a solutions provider to clients worldwide. With our years of equipment management experience and team of software developers we have produced a product that provides practical solutions for all your operational processes.

Nektar Data Inc. has developed a unique, intuitive asset management and mapping system that utilizes the latest mobile data collection tools to track, map, assess, archive and report any data for any asset type in the construction, utility, service industries.

Built on an innovative cloud-based platform, Nektar Data was designed to meet industry needs for a unified information tracking system that would address inventory management, maintenance monitoring and asset mapping. Nektar Data has deployed a web-based asset management system that allows for seamless collaboration across and within all industries.

Our Philosophy


Executive Team

Art Maat Nektar Data Systems

Art Maat


In his role as President & CEO Art is responsible for supervising the products and services that the company offers.

Mike Maat Nektar Data Systems

Mike Maat

Chief Technology Officer

The primary architect and CTO, Mike is responsible for administrating the technical engineering of our solutions.

Chuck Dietrich Nektar Data Systems

Chuck Dietrich

Chief Operating Officer

As the companies COO Chuck is responsible for directing the corporate operations and customer support activities of the company.

Any Questions

We’re here to answer any questions you may have. We fully support our products, and make customer support a top priority. As such, we promise to respond promptly. Click here to contact one of our representatives today!